Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The poor horse has a sun sun blistered shoulders...how do I get home?

Today I met up with a contact of mine to go to the ministry site.

We started by going to down town San Jose on Bus. Then we walk 1/2 a mile to get on a bus going to Aljualita (where the ministry sight is.) And then 1/2 more of walking. Now when I say walking...turning left and right is included. Not just walking straight.

Now my guide was very good about making sure I knew how to get home. And I took detailed notes...but it took us about an 1 1/2 hours to get there...it took me almost 2 hours to get home BY MYSELF! It was definatly a little bit of a stretch.

Okay. Fun stuff...

I am working with a place for "poor kids." I play with them, and basicaly just love on them 3 days a week. There are about 5 Kids.( I am still learning there names.) But while I was there 2 of the little girls decided to use me as a horse. Now normaly that wouldn't have been a big deal...But my shoulders WERE sunburned(I spent the weekend on the Carib side of Costa Rica) and HAD blisters. HAhaha My blisters are gone now. ;) But It was fun!

The ministry site is in a little bit more dangerous area. And I will be going there by myself. Please pray for safety in travel! Also, pray that I would be a blessing a light to the kids, and the workers at the site!

Well, I am off to do homework!

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  1. ....a trail of bread crumbs can get you home. ;)

    I'm glad you are being able to serve and those kids can use all the love they can get. We are glad you are there for them.