Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flying Home

My flight leaves Costa Rica at 11:30am. I'll be home by midnight!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

600 less than 2 hours

A missionary classmate from ILE (Kyle Sheridan, Missionary to Chile) and I went to downtown San José, Costa Rica to pass out tracts and do some street evangelism. Here are a few highlights.

· On our way it started to rain fairly hard. Kyle and I were both willing to get wet in the process, but at the same time we were a little frustrated. We both prayed that God would clear the rain and that it wouldn’t hinder the proclaiming of the gospel. Praise God 5 minute later the rain cleared and the sun came out!
· We went down town with about 600 tracts. We used them all in under 1 ½ hours!
· We met multiple death people while downtown. Kyle has been learning Latin American Sign Language. So he was able to share a little bit and bless the people through sign language.
· We were able to put Gospel tracts into the hands of multiple police officers!

Kyle and I were both very excited and pleased with the response. Please pray that God would use the tracts to plant seeds and even bring people to repentance and a saving knowledge of Him!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Half and Half

One week left! My heart is filled with sadness at this thought. I have come to love Costa Rica, Latin America, and Latinos more than ever before. It’s weird, but I think of myself as ½ Gringo and ½ Latino. I walk down the street and I see a white person, a Gringo, and I wonder why there are strangers here. Hahaha.

Elizabeth Elliot once said: “From St Paul to St. Nicholas of Japan there has been no missions without self-identification of the missionary with those to whom God has sent him, without a sacrifice of his personal attachments and his natural values.”

Maybe that is part of it…I have spent time and effort trying to understand and become the culture, that I in at least a few aspects become like them. By coming to Costa Rica I have sacrificed being close to loved ones, being in a familiar area, and I have tried to identify with the people here.

And you know by identifying with them and trying to become one of them. I view them the same as me!

They just want to be loved…just as I do!