Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week #1

WEEK # 1

Sunday completed my first week in Costa Rica. My first week at the school was a slow week yet full of learning. It was a week of learning the neighborhood, adjusting to school, and making new friends. I am anxious to get started in ministry. I will be talking to a contact of mine soon (Hopefully) about ministry opportunities.

Now that the house keeping details are out of the way; let’s get down to business! As I have had a little more free time than I’d like…I’ve been doing some thinking. I know, I know, Kevin thinking can be a dangerous thing, especially for me. I hate seeing my own flaws, and sin. But please indulge me….

I have been frustrated about the fact that I am not in ‘ministry’ right now. And in a way that is true. But I was reminded that ministry is a life style it is a choice to serve God. In reality ministry is being faithful in the little things God gives us and dreaming BIG things for God! Now, when I say big things…I mean, LIVES CHANGED BY THE POWER OF GOD’S WORD AND THE CALLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! My job is not to dictate God’s will on my life. My job is to be faithful, and open to what ever God would have me do!

Please don’t mis-understand me. I don’t want to be lazy, and negligent. Remember, “Faithful in what God put before me.” And I am looking for opportunities to serve. But IT IS NOT MY PLACE TO DICTATE GOD’S WILL FOR MY LIFE!!!! And I must confess that I was trying to do that…my frustration was stemming from sin and not seeing what God is doing. And I can’t say that I see what He is doing just yet…I am excited to see what HE IS DOING, and what HE WILL DO here in Costa Rica!

“Don’t seek after a ministry, but seek after the fruits of a disciplined life!”


  1. Hey Kevi:
    Kim is letting me use her laptop to use the internet because our laptop wont let us. I love you much.
    By the way us kids got Kim in trouble for giggling Friday night when we were suppose to be sleeping. We blamed her. It's okay she thought it was funny too. haha. Kimmy is really fun and took us to Pizza Hut and the bounce house at the place.
    In love

  2. Hi Kevin is't Stephen how are you? My tooth ache is hurting. We got kim in trobule becase we were laughing and she was the oldest and mom and dad blme her. =)
    She took Nathan and I to the bounce house yesterday. We saw firewokrs last night with ice cream and played tag in the park with kim. she in not good at tag and was always it.
    We have no internt on the computer so Kim let me use her.
    I have to go we have a show and need to say bye to kim after the show so she can go back to washington.

    Miss you Stephen.