Monday, October 26, 2009

Prayer Requests

It's been a little over two month since I moved to Washington to attend Moody Bible Institutes Spokane Campus.

I am very excited to be here studying God's Word so that I can be better equiped for the God's work!

A few prayer request I have are...

- Finances: I am barely surviving on what I am making at Red Robin. Please pray for perseverance. And for God's provision.
- School: I am extremely enjoying my classes. However, I want to continue to have be intersted and do well.
- Friends: I want to be a blessing to my house mates, and friends!
- Eyes on God: It is very easy for me to become discouraged and take my hearts off of God. Please pray that God would be the center of my focus! And that I would give glory to God in every single aspect of my life!!!!

"Blessed to be a Blessing!"

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