Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who is More Important than What

I am now a Sophomore at Moody Bible Institute. Over the past year I have learned many different things about Theology, the Bible, Preaching, Sermon writing, etc. However, as I look back over everything, I think that one of the greatest things I learned was from Doctor Floyd Schneider, who said, “Who is more important, than what.” This means that my team, and how we get along with each other, is more important than agreeing on every single theological principle. Doctor Schneider said “granted there are certain theological principles you have to agree on, however, as long as you can like each other, or at least can work with each other, you can continue to be evangelizing.”

And so whether you are in “career” ministry, or are just serving God as an “average Joe,” I ask you, who are you working with, and how can you better your relationship with that person so that quarrels do not cause barriers?

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