Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Sad Story!

Wednesday July 15, 2009. I went to Los Niños de Alajualita in the morning as I normally do. Now before I go on with my story, let me explain a little about “Niños de Alajualita”. Los Niños de Alajualita is a care center for children of single mothers and poor families. I believe the lady who runs it is Catholic. They have about 5 kids in attendance, 3 girls, and 2 boys. My job is to play and love on the kids. I go for a few hours 3 days a week.

There were 3 kids on Wednesday morning; 2 little girls (5yrs and 3yrs) and a baby. We were playing ball in the street outside, and the younger of the two girls wasn’t listening to me very well. I’d have her get out of the street for cars and remind her to play nice. Over all she was simply being disobedient. She wasn’t listening and I wouldn’t let her play with us anymore. I put her in time out.

She didn’t listen when I put her in “Time-out" either. Instead, she got her friend to come up to me and ask if I would buy them candy. I said “NO” and explained that there are consequences to our actions and I wasn’t going to buy candy. The little girls proceeded to beg me. AND THEN WHEN BEGGING DIDN’T WORK!!! They decided to try a different approach. They uncovered their shoulders and tried to act all skanky. MY HEART BROKE!!! A 5 year old girl and a 3 year old girl were trying to act like whores to bribe me into buying candy. I was so mad and sad at what had just happened. I was so ashamed of their actions and angry at whoever taught them to act this way!!!!

I didn’t budge to their pleas. So, they started a new tactic. They started to fight. The head lady came to see what was going on…and the girls ran to ask her for candy. The lady asked me to go buy candy. I politely but firmly said “NO, I am not going to buy these girls candy. They haven’t been listening and I am not going to reward their bad actions.” The lady didn’t challenge me, but seemed a little annoyed. Her method was to appease the situation and avoid confrontation.

The next 20 minute were filled with the little girls fighting. As I walked home I marveled in frustration and what had happened that morning. I was reminded of the importance of teaching good, strong morals and convictions from an early age!!!!

Please pray for the Children of Alajualita! Pray that God would call them to His heart! Also, please pray for God to give me grace and wisdom for the future!!!


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